Chaos Unleashed

Chaos Unleashed            

Being a creature that feeds on and thrives in creating chaos
was a lot of work, but she couldn’t say that she was ever bored. Human beings
were so fun to play with, with their fluid emotions and brief infatuations.
They didn’t need to be pushed too much into something; with one little nudge,
she’d started wars. Incited riots, kicked off celebrations.

had to keep herself fed, or she was in danger of losing herself. It helped her
retain what little humanity she had left after all these years. And she tried
to have some fun doing it. She’d been consuming more than usual, though she
tried to steady her intake. There was only so much energy she could contain.
Any excess spread and if a few humans got caught up in the rush, so be it.

did not rule totally anymore, but it was a natural force, born before even the
darkness and the light. To expect it to vanish was but stubborn, foolhardy
denial. The mother of her people was Chaos herself, a being of sheer force and
energy, and each of her children required to feed.

besides, unlike many of her brothers and sisters, Mara preferred to play with
her food.

the moon’s bright, round eye was obscured by thick, woolly clouds. The better
for her to slip into town unseen. She made a point to brush people as she
walked, sparks flying in her wake: A couple began to squabble, and the quarrel
ended in one of the patrons being soaked in ale. The conflict tasted like
victory on Mara’s lips, and she smiled. It was a fitting appetizer, but not
nearly enough to sate her. Two men drinking split apart as she brushed her
fingers across an arm, throwing punches.

the whole of the street was completely undone, and Mara stood in the middle of
it all, feasting, lapping up the discord like a cat with a bowl of cream.


               In the
early hours of the morning, Mara changed into a young woman with golden brown
skin, tattoos, a filmy tulle skirt, and combat boots. It was easy to blend in
like this, even though it wasn’t her most flattering form. Eventually, she fell
in with a group of college students, who had their own diluted form of chaos
and bickering. Mara bit the inside of her cheek. When she went to the human
world, it was almost too easy to engorge herself.

all, constant chaos was easy to come by here, and it was easy to flaunt the

with the dawn creeping closer, Mara didn’t want to return home. Home didn’t
feel like that, to her. As powerful as she was, it was hard not to get bored.
To want more from her life, even as it was barred from her. Try as she might,
she could not stifle her longing, her sheer, obvious want. Her kind overjoyed
in frivolity, but there came a time that it felt empty, vapid. Unsatisfying.

               It wasn’t
unusual, in and of itself, for a chaos being to be afflicted with ennui. But it
was considered a phase, an aberration, that faded with time. But Mara’s unruliness,
her stubbornness, had not softened over the years. The seed of discontent and
desire that had been planted in her heart grew with each illicit trip to the human
world, growing vines and spreading roots.

it led her to the library, to the sacred, hidden texts that only the Elders had
access to. But Mara was one of the best, and she used her powers to her full advantage,
determined to find a way that she could live amongst humankind.

               And for
five centuries, she hid within the people she preyed upon, moving when she was
able, even while her powers began to fade.