Friday Night’s Mistake

(WP) Friday Night’s Mistake

               She had
no idea what even happened; somehow, she had gone viral.

last thing she remembered, she was at a party, celebrating Halloween. And a
cute guy dressed like a Shakespearean courtier approached her with a martini,
tiny red pills in his hand. He had leaned in close, and Bee could smell the
cologne he’d used to cover up the stink of sweat.

is that?” She asked him, taking the martini and nodding to his open hand, cupped
around the bright round pills, so red that they reminded Bee of poppies. She
took a sip of the martini and winced at the burn of vodka blazing a bright line
from her throat to her stomach.

not sure. My roommate scored some from one of his townie buddies off-campus.”
The stranger replied, giving Bee a rakish smirk. She could tell that whatever
the substance was, he’d already taken some: his skin was flushed and sweaty,
and his pupils had expanded so that it nearly swallowed the iris.

               But she
was all caught up with her work, and she had the weekend off, so before she
could think about it too carefully, she held out her hand. She was rewarded
with the pills and a hearty, companionable clap on the back that nearly made
her drop them. Bee put the pills in her mouth, washing down the chalky taste
with the alcohol.

may want to stay put for a minute!” The courtier, who she later learned was
named Nicolai, put a heavy hand on her shoulder. “Don’t wanna have a bad trip, after

               Bee had
finished half of her martini by the time the unknown substance started to kick

room began to sway, and bright colors burst before Bee’s eyes. The music seemed
to swell and fill what little empty space was left in the room. All the while, her
new friend stayed by her side.

               “I love
this song!” Bee yelled, finishing her drink. She threw her hands in the air and
danced, all inhibitions lowered. She didn’t even realize that the rest of the
partygoers had pulled out their phones to record her as Nicolai led her over to
the keg. She’d never experienced this kind of high, the kind that made your
bones liquid and made the world seem like a truly happy, welcoming place.

accepted a cup of pale ale, toasting the room, then knocked it back. She couldn’t
see her own face clearly, thankfully, but she recognized the costume: she’d
been dressed as a cat, with the trashy leather bodysuit and whiskers, the whole
nine yards. But luckily, no one else could tell it was her.

it off,” Bee ordered, feeling her cheeks flush. Nicolai was chuckling, watching
the events transpire from the video some drunk idiot had uploaded to Youtube.

it, Nico! I told you to turn it off!” Bee snapped, reaching out from behind him
and snapping the laptop shut.

head was pounding. Yeah, last night was definitely a mistake.