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So far, I’ve found the Fireblood Dragon Romanc…

So far, I’ve found the Fireblood Dragon Romance series a little uneven. The first book was a real winner, and then I was somewhat disappointed in the second and third stories

Fire in His Fury (Fireblood Dragon, #4)

Sweet, dreamy, and a big-hearted romantic, Amy secretly leaves clothing outside where a dragon can sniff her out to be his mate. She’s imagining her dragon will be Prince Charming, come to rescue her from an interminable existence hidden away from the world. Instead, she gets Rast, a stone cold killer, who is immediately possessive of, and obsessed with, her. As they navigate their relationship, a distress signal from Fort Shreveport reaches them and Amy decides she is going to investigate and help the humans there.

I started the book not really liking Amy too much. I felt horrible for her circumstances, but was still turned off by her naive and childish fantasies. But Amy grew on me as she grew in the story. I think Dixon did a really good job transforming Amy into a grownup. Rast is the most fully formed Dragon in the series so far– he has most of his memories intact and is carrying quite a bit of guilt and upset over his past. I liked that the plot was not as much of a carbon copy of the other three, even though it is definitely a bridge between the first three novels and wherever Dixon takes the series next. Overall, I had fun, but I wasn’t blown away. 3 stars.









Hi friends/romancelandia, I’ve had a pretty heavy day, having to engage in lots of conversations about #metoo and aziz ansari as well as manage my own research project which is on rape. 

Just feeling like I want a fun romance to settle into but I’m done with my immediate romance tbr for the moment. I’m looking for something with princesses, no misogyny, and some humor. 

Hey Romance Peeps, help a reader out.

mmm she’s no princess but she’s sweet and caring. And they become friends before turning lovers so… I suggest Mary Balogh’s Simply Perfect

Alexa Riley wrote a series of novellas about princesses. Riley is into brooding alpha heroes, virgins (heroes and heroines!), tropes like forced proximity or May/December age differences, and so on. It’s a lot of over the top, insta-love, tongue-in-cheek fun. Also, these books veer into erotic romance so YMMV.

Funny, witty, and also tender and insightful. …

Funny, witty, and also tender and insightful. Sidibe wrote a delightful memoir that you should definitely read.

This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare by Gabourey Sidibe

I was a little skeptical of this memoir, coming into it. I mean, Sidibe is younger than me. What life experiences has she had? Turns out, plenty and they are hilarious! And heartbreaking. Sidibe is so honest with her and her family’s story, I was blown away. And she is a talented writer with a strong voice and an even stronger sense of self. I definitely laughed and was definitely moved at times. She is willing to really put herself out there, at the some time interrogating her experiences and your perception of them. 4 stars.

seattlemysterybooks: suspenseandmystery 1956 …



1956 Horwitz paperback original

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

kitschyliving: What are your top beauty tips?…


What are your top beauty tips?

“Start out perfect and don’t change a thing. Always accentuate your best features by pointing at them. And conceal your flaws by sucker punching anyone who has the audacity to mention them.”

WOW! Action! Adventure! Kissing! This book has…

WOW! Action! Adventure! Kissing! This book has it all.

Hush by Cherry Adair

In a little hotel outside of Angel Falls, Venezuela, Acadia Gray and Zak Stark wake up from their one night stand to find themselves in the midst of a kidnapping by armed guerillas! And the bad guys also snag Zak’s twin brother, Gideon. So, Zak and Gideon decide to use their not inconsiderable skills as thrill seekers and adventurists to escape, taking Acadia with them! But they get separated and Zak is badly wounded. Now it’s up to Acadia to get her and Zak home. What a morning after, right?

This book is one long roller coaster ride. It’s tense and suspenseful, action-packed and thrilling. Adair does a great job with the Venezuelan scenery, really putting the reader right in the middle of a jungle trek with Zak and Acadia. There is witty banter between the leads, a running gag with a khaki travel vest, and the sexy times are pretty hot. Basically the book has it all, plus a kind of underdeveloped paranormal subplot that kinda comes out of nowhere and doesn’t do much for the story overall. 4 stars.



Snow at the dang beach!

Snow at the dang beach!