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It’s the Lesbrary’s 10th Birthday!!

It’s mind-boggling to say, but it’s been 10 years today since the very first Lesbrary post was published. A decade! That’s ancient in internet time! I’m so proud of how this little blog has grown over the years. When it started, there were very few queer book blogs out there. There were a handful of “LGBT” and “Gay and Lesbian” book blogs, but in reality, they were 90% m/m books. Now, there are so many other excellent queer book blogs out there! Not only that, but there are exponentially more queer books being published every year. It’s so much more than I could have imagined when I started the Lesbrary!

To celebrate the Lesbrary’s first decade, I’ve overhauled the Lesbrary Patreon page. To celebrate the Lesbrary’s birthday, for the next week, every new Patron at the $5 and up level gets a handwritten thank you card in the mail! Why join the Lesbrary Patreon? Well, you can help keep this place afloat, and I’d sure appreciate that! But there are lots of other benefits, including queer book giveaways every month for everyone contributing $2 or more a month, an exclusive Discord channel, guaranteed queer books in the mail several times a year, and much more!

Check out all the new perks on Patreon!

And even if you can’t financially support the Lesbrary, I’d sure appreciate a reblog to spread the word! I’m proud of making it to 10 years, and I’m looking forward to many years to come 🙂



The Pickety Witch



Blah Mamus

It was supposed to be a cat hat but ended up looking a bit more like a mouse hat. Also, ears are hard. 🐁 🐈 ❤️


My tiny electric kettle arrived! Tea for one, please.


What a book! Extraordinary!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

It’s hard to summarize this book because I don’t want to give anything away. There are a lot of twists and turns! Evelyn Hugo, the aging but still powerful movie star, wants Monique, a no-name journalist, to interview her for an article. It’s Monique, or no article. As the interview unfolds, Evelyn reveals secrets and tells truths about her rise in Hollywood, her private life and her professional stardom, and her amazing, forbidden love affair– plus how she met and wed seven husbands along the way. It’s juicy stuff, but also revealing, as Evelyn unmasks herself and shows her life in all its contradictions and glories.

This is a very moving book– I was brought to tears more than once. And I wasn’t expecting to fall for Evelyn as hard as I did. She’s ruthless, ambitious, calculating… but also extremely loyal and loving. It’s hard not to be amazed by her, while also disliking the things she does and the decisions she makes to attain power and wealth. She has it all: money, good looks, intelligence. But at the same time, much of her life is a house of cards, built on the fickle fame and deceiving glamour Hollywood has to offer.

She’s a woman with power at a time when society didn’t recognize that. She’s in love with someone she shouldn’t be, by society’s standards. She makes a family by deceiving the public. Her life is amazing. At times the book reads like the best tell-all celebrity memoir ever written. When things come back to the present and Monique’s life, I felt like the story got a little flat. Monique is not as fleshed out as Evelyn, not as vividly drawn. Her problems seem mundane and typical compared to Evelyn’s rich lifestyle.

But at the center of the book is a love story– not just romantic love, but the love of found family. Evelyn may be ambitious and ruthless, but she also loves fiercely and devotedly. She builds and destroys with equal measure, wounding others and herself, while also cementing relationships and bringing joy and happiness to those around her. It’s engrossing and powerful. I loved it.  

5 stars. 

Pumpkin pie

Today I complimented my coworker on her pink pants and the mansplainer butt in to say that due to his cataract surgery he could see colors better and the pants were really more of mauve.

Can you find Pumpkin in this picture?