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Sunday musings

Should I get a robot vacuum? With three cats, I’m vacuuming all the time now. Will a robot vacuum help with that? Is it worth the money? Will my cats freak out even more than they do with the regular vacuum?


Fifty cent paperbacks at the library sale! I think I scored some winners.


Thriftbooks emailed me to say an item on my wish list was available so I went ahead and bought it plus three more books. I think I scored some good stuff.


I started on tumblr ten years ago in March 2009. One of my first posts was a book review. So, at least I am consistent. 

I made my avatar on the Mad Men avatar creator that came out in July 2009. I never even watched Mad Men. I just liked the style. And I used to smoke, so the profile pic fit. 

I smoked from 16 to about 35ish. I don’t have an anniversary of quitting, as I didn’t really quit on a specific day or even year. I started trying to quit in my early 30s. I smoked, then I tried to stop, then I picked it up again, then I quit again, and so on, until it finally stuck. 

I’m 39 in less than a month, single and childless, highly educated and gainfully employed. Sometimes, I’m this way because I chose it, and sometimes, I’m this way because life is weird and takes it’s own trajectory, regardless of your intentions. Am I in a rut or am I on a particularly rutted path?

The ten year anniversary gift is tin or aluminum, which seems fitting, for ten years on tumblr. 



Trap of Lesbos (1962)



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There’s no flamingo emoji?! https://www….

There’s no flamingo emoji?!



Elk! The NC Zoo is awesome. https://www.instag…

Elk! The NC Zoo is awesome.



“According to data from web analytics firm SimilarWeb, Tumblr’s problems started, predictably, with its adult content ban. In December, it was flying high, with approximately 521 million pageviews that month. 30 days later, that had dropped to just 437 million.”