Category: a gathering of shadows

Had he ever said her name like that? It sounded almost like longing.

Trust. Trust was a hard-won thing in a world like theirs.

It wasn’t that she left him, it was simply that she left. And he couldn’t follow, even if he’d wanted to.

Can’t think of a worse thing, than wondering what would have been. So I thought, why not have both?

She used to hate people like him, people who gave up something good, shucked warm meals and solid roofs as if they didn’t matter.

What a waste of life, to stand around and think so much on every little thing.

‘I do not know why you two are circling each other like stars. It is not my cosmic dance. But I do know that you come asking after one another, when only a few strides and a handful of stairs divide you.’

People could only hurt you if you cared enough to let them.

What are you running from? he’d asked. Nothing. Everything. Us. This. Magic.

‘Fondness is weakness,’ she said automatically. At that, Alucard stopped smiling, and set his glass aside. He leaned forward and considered her for a long moment, and then he said, ‘I’m sorry.’ He sounded so…earnest, which made Lila instantly suspicious. Alucard was many things, but genuine wasn’t usually one of them.
‘For growing on me?’ she asked. He shook his head.
‘For whatever happened to you. For whoever hurt you so deeply that you see things like friends and fondness as weapons instead of shields.’