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Short, sweet, and (almost) totally perfect!

Short, sweet, and (almost) totally perfect!

Second Chance by H. L. Logan

Former wallflower and nerd Claire is now all grown up, with a kid, and a cheating ex. Who does she happen to run into on a play date? Former popular girl/cheerleader turned supermodel Mary. And the sparks? They fly!

This is a quick, adorable read that I totally fell in love with. Clare is hurt, damaged by her past and her breakup with her ex. She doesn’t trust and she doesn’t want to fall in love, maybe even doesn’t think she is worthy of love. And Mary is just figuring out a whole new life for herself and her kid. So, these two have great chemistry but so many doubts and fears to overcome. Plus, Clare is canonically bisexual– she actually uses the word “bisexual” to describe herself. Yay! Representation! Sure, there are some typos and that’s annoying, but I got pretty caught up in the story and was able to overlook the editing issues.

It made me laugh, made me cry, even got me a swooning, and did it all in the space of a single afternoon. 4 stars.