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When a woman and her best friend have to go to a hotel that welcomes dogs, they have to film there for the woman’s cooking show where they made food for different pets. Once there a man dies and it up to her, to figure out what happened since, her friend is the prime suspect.

This is the fifth book in the Outlander series. Jamie, Roger. Brianna, and Claire and settling down in Fraser’s Ridge, when Jamie gets called to help out with fighting with the regulators. Can Jamie keep the peace or will the American Revolution happen early?

When a woman named Jane, has three suitors, she quickly realizes that she is pregnant. She feels like that is her last chance at becoming a mother so she wants to keep it, and she doesn’t care if she find the baby daddy or not.

When Annie finds fake costume jewelry for her friends to use for a mask fundraiser, someone steals them. Annie doesnt know why since their fake, but a shocking discover makes things all come together.

This book is about the man that helped King George VI with his speech impediments. But, but the man really cure him, or just simply rewrite speeches that had trouble words in it? You be the judge

The book goes from George Washington to George w. Bush, Bob Doyle ranks the president’s from the most to least funny. It’s basically just a book of some of the presidents funny moments/quotes.

This book is all about a small town in England far away from London where the author takes us into a world free from high tech technology. He takes us on a journey of how its likes to run a sheep farm and how to judge and compete in a sheep show. Plus, there’s some awesome pictures.

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When Perry Mason takes on case about a woman who was sunbathing on a golf course, when her RV goes missing, with an important item in it. It is imperative that she gets it back.

In the first book, when a navy seal had a one night stand with a woman before Easter, he tries to make her see that they can both raise this baby, since the mother wants to give the baby up for adoption. In the second book when a surgeon comes to a woman’s ranch to help her, can one night change everthing?