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It’s that time of year! Leaves are falling! Winds are blowing! Ghosts and ghouls are haunting and I’m in the mood for… romance? Of course I am!

So, I went through this goodreads list, some posts on tumblr, did a little digging and found a couple of romance novels and novellas to celebrate the season. Specifically, I was looking for romance novels set during or about Halloween– not just gothic stories, paranormals, etc. 

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid. The heroine and hero meet at a Halloween party when she mistakes him for his twin brother, her longtime crush. Surprise! You’re making out with someone else! I found the book enjoyable, not great, but fun to read. 3 stars.

Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz. When she finds out her longtime boyfriend is actually married, the heroine heads home to lick her wounds… and maybe a hot guy? And one just happens to be renovating her parent’s cabin? What luck! So they decided to have a fling, ending when her brother’s Halloween-themed wedding rolls around. A fun read, nice and steamy. 4 stars.

Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish by GG Andrews. Actually kind of spooky and scary! The heroine is working at a haunted house when a well known horror blogger is scheduled to stop by– except he’s the same kid she used to torture and bully in middle school. Of course, romance blossoms! Until he finds out who she really is! By setting the story in a haunted house, Andrews is able to bring some of the thrills and chills of the season into the story. Did the heroine grovel enough to make up for her past? I don’t know. I still gave it 4 stars.


The Pumpkin King by Cara Demone. Do you ever read something that is objectively not good and yet find yourself kind of delighted anyways? That’s the Pumpkin King. I could make a list of all the things wrong with it, but what’s the point? If you are looking for something silly and short, and don’t care too much about quality, then maybe you’ll enjoy this. Also, nicely, the monster doesn’t turn into a human through the power of love. 2 stars.

Lion’s Halloween Baby by Scarlett Grove. This one is not good and not even in a fun kind of way. I skimmed the last half. 2 stars.

Happy Halloween, Romance Readers!

And now, even more Halloween Romance Goodness!

Here’s some good ones I picked up recently:

Halloween Boo by Sarah SpadeA ghost falls in love with the woman living in his apartment. Except on Halloween night, he’s literally embodied and they go out on a date! Pretty cute, with hot sexy times and a nice twist at the end.

Stay the Night by Abby Knox. Misty moves into the murder house with a special agenda all her own. She tries to ingratiate herself into town life to find answers, and ends up planning the Fall Festival with delicious single dad Ryan! Sparks fly, but the mystery of the house still remains…

The Secret of Sleepy Hollow by Andi Marquette. Abby comes to Sleepy Hollow to do some research for her thesis but ends up falling head over heels for Katie. Together, they try and solve the mystery of Sleepy Hollow. Very cute and cozy wlw romance.

What are you reading this Halloween?

Do you know any good romances/erotica’s on kindle unlimited?

Sadly, I don’t have Kindle Unlimited.  I can tell you that the selection on Prime Reading sucks.

However, @mfred is a Kindle Unlimited person I believe and might have some faves. 

Anyone else?


honestly like 98% of the reason i’m writing this may/december is because i’m absolutely starved for good, healthy age difference content and i can’t really find it anywhere, and trying to look up ‘silver fox’ anywhere on the internet results in Truly Unfortunate Circumstances, so.

here i am

doing what i can to contribute to the effort

(and if any of you know some good may/december content, please for the love of all that’s holy, send it my way)

I’m currently re-reading Ride Hard by Laura Kaye and it’s got a sorta may/december relationship thing happening.  He’s 37 and she’s 22. May/October?

Anyway, it’s a biker book but don’t let that scare you off. The bikers are good guys, not alphahole anti-heroes. There is a decent amount of “she’s too young”/ “i’m too jaded” tension in the story, which is delicious. 

NPR’s Book Concierge:

It’s that time of year! When all the “best of” book lists come out for 2017! And the best of the best is the NPR Book Concierge!

And there are real, gosh darned romance novels on this list. Alisha Rai! Beverly Jenkins! Tiffany Reisz!

I have so many exclamation points! In my heart! For this list!



I’m one of those readers that likes to read a book that correlates with the season. So it’s November right now, and before I dive into my holiday romance collection (sooooo many to choose from!) I like to try and give the autumn season one last hurrah with something Thanksgiving-themed.

BUT ALAS! There are hardly ANY “Thanksgiving-themed” romances out there!

The closest one I know of was published last year by Harlequin:

Her Naughty Holiday by Tiffany Reisz

Also (although I don’t know if it counts as “romance” or not) but there’s a book titled Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich (it sounds like a romance, but I’ve never read Evanovich, who is more known for her Stephanie Plum mystery series)

ANYWAY, does anyone else out there know of “Thanksgiving-themed” romances???

Anna Richland’s His Road Home! The only reason I haven’t read it by now is that it seems available as an e-book only. It won a RITA for best novella several years back. Here’s the blurb:

Special Forces medic Rey Cruz needs to find a fiancée, fast, or he’ll end up in a marriage orchestrated by an Afghan warlord. Finding a picture online of a girl he barely knew back home, he fakes an engagement photo, thinking no one else will see it. But when Rey loses both legs and the ability to speak while rescuing a local boy, the image goes viral.

Seattle marine biologist Grace Kim is shocked to find out she’s engaged. When she’s offered a plane ticket to visit her “fiancé,” she takes it, looking for the answer to one question: Why did he lie? Touched by Rey’s funny texts and the determination she sees in him, Grace offers her friendship—a big step for someone who prefers whales to most company.

And when Rey is finally sent home, Grace agrees to help him drive his classic car cross-country over Thanksgiving—a once-in-a-lifetime road trip that leads to what feels like real love. In front of his friends and family, she plays the caring fianc‚e, but what place will Grace have in Rey’s new life once he’s ready to be on his own again?

Gadziala writes a lot of motorcycle club and dark romances, so I have no idea what her Thanksgiving romance will be like:

Stuffed by Jessica Gadziala

i shit, this is tough. i really don’t know! 

but big little lies is a book by liane moriarty, so you can start there. 

hmmmmmm let’s see

age of youth → kitchen by banana yoshimoto (or sputnik sweetheart by murakami)
mondai no aru restaurant → the edible woman by margaret atwood
dear my friends → i have no idea, but i’m guessing a really good bio or autobiography

i actually know nothing about romances, but @mfred knows everything about them!

anyone else know good matches?


do y’all have any contemporary romance recommendations??

i feel like i wouldn’t like the beach/resort setting type, but like office or college settings or something in that realm seems up my alley

Kristen Calligan’s college series Game On is pretty good. I loved loved loved the Game Plan. Hulking yet beta virgin hero!

The Ross Siblings books by Cherries Lynn are all college-age/new adult. I loved Rock Me.

The Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley for zany adventurous sexy times centered around a coffee shop in Denver. Beware alpha heroes tho– your mileage may vary.

I could go on and on. I love contemporaries. Not enough tumblrs are into them.


It’s October! Halloween is here! 

And what are you doing with your life? You could be reading some scary, spooky, horror-iffic reads. 

Here’s some of my favorites, in absolutely no order whatsoever.

The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Clair Legrand: Downright creepy kids story, with a refreshingly unlikable (yet totally great) girl protagonist.

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill: horror, death, carnage, and so many feelings.  I didn’t think that was possible, in a horror novel, to connect deeply with a character and her voice.

The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins: zombies, dark gods, lovecraftian evils, librarians, possible end of the world.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire:  Spooky, scary and intense! With queer representation!  McGuire created a brand new fairy tale, based on the classics, but with new and exciting adventures. She uses elements from horror stories to evoke a spooky, scary atmosphere that ratchets up the tension in delightful ways.


Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero: Lovecraft meets Scooby Doo. 

Cool, funny, action-packed and horribly scary. 

The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson

Weird, complex, layered, nuanced and filled with Lovecraftian horrors. Reading along with Vellit Boe on her quest is an amazing, scary experience. 

Final Girls by Riley Sager: Oh. My. God. Quincy is a final girl. The sole survivor of a real life horror movie style massacre.

This is a slow burn of a horror story but once things get going, man does shit get intense. Thrills and chills galore.


My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix: Ok, hear me out. This is a story about demonic possession but it’s also an exploration of friendship and an intense examination into the emotional lives of teenage girls. I was actually in tears at the end.

Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff

A horror novel set in Jim Crow America. The scariest parts are not the Lovecraftian evils that befall the black characters, but the day-to-day brutalities of life in a racist society.

The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle: A short take on an old HP Lovecraft story. Sorcery and sleeping gods and Jazz Age New York. 

Bird Box by Josh Malerman: 

It was genuinely creepy and kept me up late. Something causes people who see it to kill themselves. 


I’m about to go looking on my own, but I figured I’d ask here: does anyone have any recommendations for wlw romances, preferably a historical romance? It doesn’t have to be, and I’ll pretty much read any genre with different age groups in mind (YA, new adult, adult), but that’s what I’m mostly after at this time. Thanks in advance!

I don’t read historicals really, but here are some of my recent fav wlws

  • Storm Season by Pene Henson. Trapped in the Australian wilderness together!  My review.
  • Ex-Wives of Dracula by Georgette Kaplan– if you are at all looking for something spooky for the season? My review.
  • Bridget Essex’s fantasy romance featuring lady knights and werewolves. My review.
  • Slow Burn in Tuscany by Giselle Fox. Like a wlw Under the Tuscan Sun. My review

Here’s a Goodread’s list for Lesbian Historical Fiction.

Here’s the Lesbrary’s Historical Fiction tag archive.

If you find something good, tell me about it!



Are there any halloween themed romance novels because if there are I want them in my life!?!?!


Okay there are a few. 

There are a couple old Signet Regencies floating around that are Halloween themed (Here, Here and Here) and some contemporaries as well – I have Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz in hand for this year! –  but the pickings can be slim.

Sometimes Harlequin will go spooky for a month, but I haven’t seen their October line up yet so I’m not sure if they’re getting in the spirit of the season yet. (Edit: Just took a peek,verdict is: Not a Spook in Sight)

Historicals-wise (cause when does Jessica ever know about anything else?) authors seem to get their Spooky Funtime on by writing Gothic flavored novels (which don’t ALWAYS come out in October but still). And stay tuned because (RE: my last post) I have a box of SUPER SPOOKY HOUSE BOOKS coming to my door this week.

And then there’s the Paranormal Romance squad, who live for the spooky everyday but once a year rise from the proverbial grave to take power of the romance market for a month. 


So if you’re looking for things that lurk in the shadows, there’s always the paranormal sub-genre, ranging from light and lovely to DAMN YOU SCARY.

All in all, sadly, by the time October rolls around we’re onto Christmas romances, and Halloween sort of gets edged out. *sad face*

I was like, LESBRARIAN TO THE RESCUE but it turns out there is a Goodreads list for that.