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When Meg finds a body while playing croquet it’s up to her…

When Meg finds a body while playing croquet it’s up to her to find out who this woman is and why she was murdered.

When a woman takes a baby to his new father after the…

When a woman takes a baby to his new father after the baby’s mother died on the same train the woman is on she learns of the pact they made and must fulfill or the man will loose his shop.

Carry On Book Review

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 3.75/5

I’m not going to be able to do a huge analysis of this one because I read it all within 13 hours! Oops. Not gonna lie, there was a lot of flaws with this book and there are two conflicting opinions I have with Carry On. 1) It was the best cheesy, funny book with just enough angst to keep it moving 2) It was a total mess and I don’t know what to think. As you can see, two very contrasting thoughts.

Let’s start with the positive one. The characters were very fanfiction-esque, which was the point. I fell in love with each and every one in a different way, from lovely li’l Simon to mysterious Lucy. The villain was very well thought-out: complex yet justifiable motive and thorough “evil masterplan”. And the relationship was so well-done! It wasn’t the “both sides pining unknowingly for 500 pages” trope that you see with a lot of fanfiction. Perfect match of slow-burn and haste too, and even though this is a stand alone novel you can get a lot of information about how their relationship was in the past. And it was both funny and harrowing seeing how they grow closer together throughout the book.

Now, the negative. I couldn’t help but feel that this was just a Harry Potter fanfic. I mean, I’ve read Harry Potter fanfic so I’m not saying that makes it bad. What makes it bad was that it was supposed to be it’s own story and instead we got a novel where I couldn’t help but see so many parallels between the two universes. As well as this, there were some empty plot-holes and some parts where it was just trying too hard to be casual. Obviously, it read a lot like a fanfic but half of me wanted this to be a properly developed novel. I don’t want anyone yelling at me that it wasn’t supposed to be – but I just feel that the characters had so much potential and they were just dragged along a bit.

So, with everything considered, I thought 3.75/5 was fair. I really want to love this book, so maybe I’ll re-read it when I’m thinking less critically. My advice is: read this without thinking too much about it – just read and enjoy.

The Assassin’s Blade Book Review

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 5/5

*possible spoilers for ToG1 and The Assassin’s Blade if you didn’t register all the backstory given in the ToG and CoM*

This novella collection has beaten every book in the Throne Of Glass series put together. My opinions on this series are fluctuating to say the least, but after reading The Assassin’s Blade, my faith in Sarah J. Maas has returned. 

I’ve never had the an undying love for Throne Of Glass like I did ACOTAR, but there’s just something about seeing how Celeana has changed from here to the first book of the series. I am officially Team Sam Cortland™, I just love everything about him and, come on – I will never get bored of the Enemies (to Friends) to Lovers trope. It’s beautiful. 

The characters in this book are astounding. Even though I absolutely HATE Arobynn Hamel with a fiery passion, I was fascinated by his twisted and manipulative character. The relationship between him, Celaena and Sam is both exciting and terrifying to discover – and I was constantly so scared whenever he turned up. And I will never stop loving Celeana. Just the fact that she knows she can be ruthless and badass as well as glamorous as well as compassionate. I adore that, and she is so flawed and hopeless in herself and yet she finds it in her to keep going – fighting for what she believes is right. She even has a kind of anti-hero persona going for her, which is another trope that I will always fall hopelessly in love with.

And, no – I will never stop going on about how talented Sarah J. Maas is as a writer, not just a story-teller. Her seamless multiple 3rd-person PoV style will always amazing me. Hardly any writers can get that as smooth as SJM can, and I commend her.

My favourite Throne Of Glass book so far (I haven’t read EoS yet though, so now I have my hopes up)! 

This is all for the Harry Potter fans it has everything you…

This is all for the Harry Potter fans it has everything you could ever want to know about harry, the Hogwarts professors, and the classes they teach.

The Elite Book Review

Author: Kiera Cass

Rating: 5/5

I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SERIES! Everything about it gives me life and I’m not even guilty about it. I don’t care that the writing isn’t anything extraordinary, and the world is a bit of a generic dystopia – it’s just the perfect cross between plo0t and utter cheese. 

Don’t get me wrong, though – the world gets deeper in this instalment. Secrets start to unravel, and suddenly everything that’s happened in the love triangle flips on it’s head and poor America is thrown right into the middle of a political war. and THE CHARACTERS! I love every. single. one. Not because they’re all perfect, but because they contrast so well and the villains that are starting to emerge are fascinating. Even the heroes/heroines are incredibly flawed in a kind of beautiful way. AND I FLIPPING LOVE THE MAIDS SOMEONE GIVE THEM THE WORLD.

I can’t wait to read The One!

PS I know this wasn’t a very professional review but I just wanted to express my love for this book without analysing it too much because I might realise that it’s not actually good literature and get sad xD

Halloween Book Reviews!

I have finished reviewing all the books I read during the spooky season and the reviews are linked below! All the reviews are spoiler free 🙂

The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich (read this!!!!)

The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein Book Review

Author: Mary Shelley

Rating: 4/5

As a reader who doesn’t usually go for classics, I really really enjoyed this! Of course, the story of Frankenstein is legendary but the book itself wasn’t at all as I expected. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that scary. The monster speaks so eloquently when we first see him talk that I kept imagining him as a civilised person – just with mouldy skin and more murder on their record. But where it lacks in the horror department it gains in emotion and almost elegant suffering.

I know that sounds odd, but this story is so full of grief, guilt, regret and misery and yet somehow the author manages to portray these emotions in such a darkly beautiful way. At some points, though, it did sound like the author looked up every single word in a thesaurus and picked out the longest synonym (sometimes the language was a bit unnecessary). 

The pace was kind of imbalanced. I wish we had more description of the monster being brought to life than we did – and I wish we had a little less of Frankenstein just wallowing in his own misery. But the writing is so beautiful I’m going to let that slide.

The ending was so morbid and unexpected but I absolutely LOVED it. Throughout the whole story we are questioning the morals of ourselves as well as the characters and it finished on such a note that I was doubting the morals of everything that happened.

Definitely a must-read. I envy the people who get to study this story for school, because it’s so amazing and I’d love to dig deeper into the language the author uses.

Colarine Book Review

Author: Neil Gaimen

Rating: 4/5

Definitely a good Halloween read! The more I think about this story, the more creepy it becomes. I have never seen the movie before but the book alone gave me the shivers. 

The fascinating thing about Coraline is that you can tell that the author is extremely talented from some of the simplest and most effective phrases. However, he chose to write Corlaine as a children’s book. If this story were to be adapted into an adult novel, I know that Neil Gaiman would have the ability make it just as or more creepy. But it’s a kids’ book. Something about the childlike narration adds something sinister to it though, almost as if you can sense the innocence being fed on throughout the story. 

When visualising the story in my head, I managed to come up with some terrifying images based on the descriptions. Of course, no reader is the same, but I feel like anyone could just see all the weird and odd things the author was describing. In some ways, I kind if compare Corlaine to the Mrs. Peregrines Peculiar Children series, because neither of them know how creepy they actually are.

Overall, very compelling – I read it all in one sitting!

Invictus by Ryan Graudin Review

Invictus by Ryan Graudin Review