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Charge (Steel Bones MC #1) 

Kayla is struggling to survive as a single mom and everyone is waiting for her to fail except for her trusty best friend Sue. Charge is just a hot complication from next door. Responsible single mothers don’t need men with buns or tattoos or MCs. Charge has no all the intention to stay far away from the adorable single mother with the peach-shaped booty who lives next door to his Pops – but following through on that is harder than he thought it would be. 

This book is awesome. Start to finish. Just intense and angsty and searingly sweet and honest. Holy moly though – the angst. I literally made @mfred​ promise there would be a HEA. (Which there is.) But boy does Ms Wells make you wait for it. I highly recommend this for people who like an age gap (ten years) motorcycle readers (start of a series too on KU!) and for anyone who just likes to suffer for the sweet. BONUS – there is an awesome moment in the middle of the fight where the hero calls himself a Hufflepuff and his lady a Gryffindor. And it is adorable. 

One of my all time favorite MC romances! And yes, I promise there is an HEA!

Motorcycle Club Romance

@literaryillusions just started reading some motorcycle club (MC) romance novels and I offered to recommend titles to her. But looking at my Goodreads account, I have read over 300 MC romance books! So I’m going to start off with the best.

The Good of MC Romance:

  • Over the top characters and plots that really engage and entertain.
  • Working class characters, which are otherwise hard to find in romancelandia.
  • Fish out of water and opposites attract stories where the heroine usually has to adapt to the hero’s culture and way of life.
  • Heroines who stand up for themselves, and the alpha heroes who love them for it. There are very few naive ingenues in MC romance. 

The Bad of MC Romance:

  • Too many women-in-danger plots. Too many women victimized and brutalized just to set up the hero as her savior and rescuer.
  • “Dark” romances that sacrifice characterization and believability for atmosphere.
  • Alphaholes. This is really where your personal tolerance of alpha heroes comes into play. You either love them or hate them. 

The Books I Highly Recommend:

Joanna Wylde’s Reapers Motorcycle Club. I consider Wylde the queen of MC romance. She’s suspenseful and gritty without being dark and she is able to put women in danger without making them martyrs to violence in the name of plot. Her books definitely feature alphaholes but the flip of that is her heroines tend to be take-no-shit women. She does have some issues with dubious consent. My favorite is Reaper’s Stand. At one point, the hero has the heroine at knife point!

Kristen Ashley’s Chaos Series. You really have to start with Motorcycle Man, which is part of her Dream Man series and then get into the Chaos books. Not all of them are winners and Ashley is hit or miss as a writer for a lot of people. But Motorcycle Man is one of my favorite all time romances. The hero wham, bam, thank you ma’am’s the heroine in the first chapter.

Laura Kaye’s Raven Riders Series. Good guy bikers, macho but not alphaholes, working as vigilantes and neighborhood protectors. If you are looking to ease into the MC world, Kaye is a great place to start. The first in the series, Ride Rough, features a delicious jaded older hero, coming-into-her-own younger heroine romance. 

Cate C. Wells Steel Bones Series. Wells is a newbie writer I just discovered on Kindle Unlimited and I love love love the first in this series, Charge. A young, struggling, single mother meets a MC dude who is scared off by her kid but inexplicably drawn to her at the same time. Heartfelt, emotional journey for both the hero and the heroine.

Christine Feehan’s Torpedo Ink Series. Totally over the top, in the best, most ridiculous kind of way. Lots and lots of hot sexy times. Former Russian assassins turned MC club, with a dash of mysterious psychic powers. Content warnings for child abuse and violence. 

Wow! A surprisingly good, emotionally resonant MC romance!

Charge by Cate C. Wells

Kayla is trying her hardest, but life isn’t easy for a 21 year old single mom living on her own with very little family support. Who comes barging into her life but Charge, the biker living next door. He’s into Kayla big time, but when he realizes she has a kid, he runs– children aren’t easy, and Charge is nothing if not laid back and easy– but something about Kayla keeps drawing him back.

I really liked this book. Kayla is such an interesting character– strong, intelligent, and surprisingly innocent and sheltered for all that she is supporting herself and her kid all on her own. She’s naive but not stupid, and Charge immediately gets that for all her grit and determination, she’s a soft gooey marshmallow on the inside. He wants to protect that softness, honor it, and share it with her. 

Charge is laid back and easy going, but also realizing that maybe all his charm and ease in life is also a bit of inertia. He’s stuck. Kayla is the kick in the pants he needs to start really living his life. 

This is a nice slow burn of a romance between the two of them, with Charge letting his libido take a back seat because he quickly realizes that Kayla needs security and comfort over passion. I don’t think there is even a kiss until at least halfway through the book! 

And Jimmy, Kayla’s six year old son! He’s no plot moppet or ingratiating/irritating perfect storybook child. No, he’s stubborn, sullen, and grumpy– but also loving and very protective of his mother. He’s Kayla’s reason for everything she does, and he quickly worms his way in Charge’s heart. Usually, kids in romance are just window dressing– but Wells really makes Jimmy a part of the story. Watching the relationship blossom between Kayla, Jimmy and Charge is so heartwarming. 

4 stars.