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Colarine Book Review

Author: Neil Gaimen

Rating: 4/5

Definitely a good Halloween read! The more I think about this story, the more creepy it becomes. I have never seen the movie before but the book alone gave me the shivers. 

The fascinating thing about Coraline is that you can tell that the author is extremely talented from some of the simplest and most effective phrases. However, he chose to write Corlaine as a children’s book. If this story were to be adapted into an adult novel, I know that Neil Gaiman would have the ability make it just as or more creepy. But it’s a kids’ book. Something about the childlike narration adds something sinister to it though, almost as if you can sense the innocence being fed on throughout the story. 

When visualising the story in my head, I managed to come up with some terrifying images based on the descriptions. Of course, no reader is the same, but I feel like anyone could just see all the weird and odd things the author was describing. In some ways, I kind if compare Corlaine to the Mrs. Peregrines Peculiar Children series, because neither of them know how creepy they actually are.

Overall, very compelling – I read it all in one sitting!