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Author: Our lady and saviour Cassandra Clare

Rating: 5/5 (what did you expect??)

DON’T MIND ME CRYING IN THE BACK! Honestly, the emotional capacity of this novel superseded all expectations. Cassie’s ability to make me care more about her characters than anyone irl is inspiring and terrifying. 

I honestly believe that Queen Of Air And Darkness is CC’s most sophisticated and advanced work yet; she seems to improve with every instalment of The Shadowhunter Chronicles. Her writing bridges the seemingly immense gap between maturity and humour – keeping her style relatable and funny whilst also being artistic and well-developed. Her 3rd person narration adopts the nature of the character she describes – Julian’s sections are compassionate and tortured, Mark’s whimsical and longing, Diana’s brave and believing. I can’t deny her talent.

I have to dedicate an entire paragraph to Ty Blackthorn because… I mean he is just everything I needed from 21st century media representation. Cassie doesn’t sugar-coat the less ‘quirky’ side of autism: the struggles, the confusion, the isolation. But, more importantly, she showcased all the wonderful things about it, my favourite scene being Ty and the starfish. As an autistic person, this means the world to me, especially since fans of the series love Ty despite/because of his nature.

That’s the end of my spoiler-free section! I’m not going to say this book is perfect (see spoilery section for details) but generally, adored this finale (if you can call it that) and I recommend it to anyone. To non-TMI fans, TDA is 10 times better than TMI, if you didn’t like TMI you might love this series anyway.


Right, I did have a couple of problems with this book. First of all, Cassie’s unstoppable need to pair up every single character into a relationship. I could have done without the Diego/Divya scene at the end, Cameron/Livia in Thule seemed forced, and Kieran/Mark/Cristina felt empty by the end. I did LOVE Kierarktina for the most part, just the ending felt a bit limp. Secondly, Thule didn’t really do it for me. It was the only trope that CC hadn’t fallen victim to, and I just thought it was unnecessary? I understood why it happened and if you liked it, I’m glad! It just wasn’t for me. Also, the parabatai bond just… went? They turned into massive giants and…just…what???

Rant over. Now, the good bits! Drusilla Blackthorn guys! She deserves the world, I love her character development and the complex relationship between her, Ty and Kit. I love that we got to see more of Helen and Aline, too. They’re each other’s foils in a way – Helen being soft and steady, Aline sparky and exciting. Their dynamic was brilliant. And the wedding?!?! I wasn’t expecting that man I was crying. Alec’s little speech was beautiful and I’m over the moon that he was elected as Consul.Cassie knows how to indulge her fans almost as well as she knows how to break them.

This is probably my favourite instalment of the Shadowhunter Chronicles so far!