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Author: Neil Gaiman

Rating: 5/5

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Okay wow. I was not expected such an emotional rollercoaster from this spoopy middle grade! I loved every moment, and why oh why hasn’t Tim Burton made this into a movie yet?!

Let’s first talk about Bod. Lil’ Nobody Owens. What a fabulous name??? I’m living for his character arc and his relationships and his morals and his outlook on life. You’d think growing up in a graveyard would break a person – well not Bod! He has this beautiful desire to learn and to adapt, and he values friendship and knowledge more than any possession.

The layout of The Graveyard Book is pretty masterful to be honest. It’s amazing that Gaiman can carry an overall plot through 16 years as well as have multiple sub-plots and including entire story arcs in single chapters. I can’t get over how well-crafted this book is! 

Overall, a fabulous and sweet Halloween read – definitely one to go for between a lot of hardcore horror.

PS that’s my dog in the pic xD