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From Laura Aguilar’s Plush Pony, a series chronicling the denizens of a lesbian bar in El Sereno, LA in the 1990s.

Aguilar set up a makeshift studio in the back of Plush Pony and offered to photograph women alone, in couples, or in groups. The resulting series of photographs is an amazing document of working-class Chicana lesbian culture, a group whose existence is relegated to the margins of both Chicana and lesbian social formations. The Plush Pony series records the highly stylized bodies of the women—in particular, their Chicana configuration of butch/femme tattoos and hairstyles and their poses.

Lez-be spooky


It’s the perfect time of year for thrills, chills, and things that go bump in the night. Let’s get to reading!

I went a-googling and here are some lists of halloween and horror themed books, in absolutely no particular order

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Romance tropes in Sapphic books! I posted a little rec list for people who like to read specific romance tropes. Do you have more recs or tropes not mentioned here? Let me know!

[image description: a graphic reading 1 Trope = 1 Book]

tropes for queer women romance!

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Stan Wayman, A lesbian couple strolling through the woods after their wedding, 1950s.

this is really the most romantic image i’ve ever seen