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Pink hair, don’t care.

Pink hair, don’t care.

Take Me Home by Lorelie Brown

This is more of a Thanksgiving Romance, although there is a Christmas scene. But if you are at all into holiday romances, you should give this one a shot. 

Kayliegh wants to bring a girl to dinner to shock and upset her conservative, fundamentalist aunt. She finds her via Craigslist and the pink haired, tattooed Brooke could not be more perfect for her plans. Except they are immediately attracted to each other and a funny flirtation turns into something else!

The family dynamics are funny and infuriating, by turns. The flirtation between Brooke and Kayliegh is charming and when the relationship turns steamy, it is off-the-charts hot. For a novella, there is good character building and relationship development. Sure, things happen fast, but it was believable. Plus there are cute dogs! Just go read it. 4 stars.

Can you rec any queer romance novels?

Can you rec any queer romance novels?

I can’t, I haven’t yet read any, mainly because contemporary romances aren’t my cup of tea and I’m yet to find any historical ones, which sucks.

@romancingthebookworm or @respectingromance might be able to help you?

Ahoy, matey! Thar be lesbian pirates!Escape to Pirate Island by…

Ahoy, matey! Thar be lesbian pirates!

Escape to Pirate Island by Niamh Murphy

Action! Adventure! (Some) romance! You should read Escape to Pirate Island. Cat escapes the local militia by the skin of her teeth and– in disguise as a boy– joins a nefarious crew on a mysterious journey across the sea. Lily, left penniless by her father’s debt, has found his treasure maps and is trying to lead the crew to the treasure without getting stabbed in the back.

Most of this book is spent with Cat and Lily either apart, or disliking each other. The romance comes near the end, but is definitely quite sweet, if a little sparse.  Murphy explores ship life in quite a bit of detail, but never loses hold on the plot. Cat is a strong character; she overshadows Lily just a bit. But really, the book is all about the adventure. And it’s a lot of fun! 4 stars.

Lez-be spooky


It’s the perfect time of year for thrills, chills, and things that go bump in the night. Let’s get to reading!

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(via Autographed Lesfic Books Powered by Indie) LESFIC…

(via Autographed Lesfic Books Powered by Indie)


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