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A deeply emotional hero! A pragmatic heroine! Mechanical men! Dirigibles! All things steampunk! This book has it a lot going for it. 

Prince of Hearts by Margaret Foxe

Aline Finch, prim and proper and entirely overworked, is fed up with her employer, the renowned criminologist Professor Alexander Romanov. After one particularly harrowing day, she quits! She’s going to marry her beau, the steadfast Charlie, and live out her days having adventures. But when the Professor hears of her resignation, he immediately realizes he must do anything to get Finch back. Not just for himself (although he has a lot of Feelings-with-a-capital-F), but also to keep Finch safe. He’s got some dark secrets that may be putting Finch in danger. He has to find a way to keep Finch close and safe, both from a terrible killer on the loose and from himself!

Professor Romanov is grumpy, demanding, darkly attractive, deeply emotional, and beyond mysterious. Finch is delightfully British– a well-mannered, stiff upper lip type that contrasts nicely against the Professor’s drama and angst. She has finally made the decision to stop settling for less in her life and it’s fun to watch her stand up and defend herself against the Professor’s huge ego. I enjoyed the banter, stayed for the sexual tension, and then swooned over the will-they-won’t-they dramatics of the final resolution. The mystery/thriller aspects of the story are a little transparent, but the core relationship is so good, it’s easy to overlook. 4 stars.