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Tornado warnings at 5:30 AM.

Totally prepped for Dorian

Dang it, Dorian!

The bread aisle was almost completely empty but there was still plenty of water at the grocery store this morning.

We’re probably going to stay. They haven’t ordered mandatory evacuations for our county yet. By the time Dorian reaches us, it’s predicted to be a Cat 2. We still have a few days to change our minds.

Gonna download a bunch of romance novels from the library! Always be prepared.

Another glorious morning.

Saw some turtles at Airlie Gardens today.

It’s gray and windy and cold outside. We didn’t get any snow, just rain. I’m going to take a nap.

We made it back to the beach last night, after spending about 12 hours on the road. There is minimal damage to the house. Water got into the first floor, but only maybe an inch or so. The rugs were soaked but the furniture stayed dry. Now we’re worried about mold growing under the floor. A box of my childhood diaries was ruined by the water.

All in all, we really got lucky.

It took ten hours, but we made it to MD. We’ve spent the whole day recuperating from the awful DC traffic, watching Florence on CNN, which is probably a mistake. I don’t know what’s going to happen to our house or things, but my mom, my cats, her dogs, and I are safe.

I’m on a pier!

Today it doesn’t look like Irma is gonna hit the Carolinas but I filled up my car with gas, got cash from the ATM and went to the grocery store. Just to be safe. And what did I get?

Two kinds of Pringles

Chips and salsa

Two cans of soup

Drumsticks (the ice cream, not the chicken )

Apples for healthy snacking

Two bottles of wine. The big bottles.

Two kinds of candy corn ?


Bagels and cream cheese

Two bottles of water

Lemon La Croix

I’m totally prepared.