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Aw yuss, it’s that spooky time of year! Ghosts…

Aw yuss, it’s that spooky time of year! Ghosts and goblins and ghouls, oh my! And what says Halloween better than a romance between a werewolf and the huntress sworn to kill him?

Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert is a perfect crisp bite of Halloween goodness. It’s got action, danger, hot hot hot sexy times, fist fights, a supportive and surprisingly tenderhearted hero who can rip you apart with his claws, and a badass heroine who really does want to murder him. I mean, c’mon. 

Chastity just wants to prove to her family of monster hunters that she can kill monsters too. And what better way than to kill the werewolf guy that keeps hanging around her family’s coffee shop, making eyes at her? Luke is a socially awkward werewolf who doesn’t know how to ask out a girl, even when she’s his fated mate (like Chastity). How excited is he when he finally strikes up a conversation with Chastity and even asks her out? It’s gonna be a great date!

I really had a lot of fun reading this novella. Chastity kicked some ass and Luke appreciated the hell out of her for it. 4 stars.

I read some more historicals! I know, you are …

I read some more historicals! I know, you are shocked. I’m shocked. I think it’s the Tessa Dare effect. I was so enamored with the Governess Game, I’ve been chasing that high ever since. I’m not giving up on my beloved contemporaries and motorcycle romances, but a few pretty ladies in gowns and debonair dukes can certainly turn my head for a moment.

Tansy Danforth is beautiful and charming. So beautiful and charming, she wins the hearts and minds of almost every man she meets. Except for the beautiful and charming Ian Eversea, notorious rake and seducer, who can see right through her. But in unmasking Tansy, Ian also sees something of himself, and in confronting her, ends up exposing vulnerabilities that call to his own scars and wounds.

Julie Ann Long is a new to me author but Between the Devil and Ian Eversea was so good, it will definitely not be the last. I loved how Ian and Tansy met their match in each other. Ian is all seductive charm while Tansy is an ultimate ingenue, bubbly and flirtatious. But they both essentially use their impressive beauty and considerable flirting skills to hide their true selves from the world. And watching those walls come down as they get to know each other was so delightful and emotionally satisfying. My only criticism is that Tansy is something of a cipher for most of the first half of the book– I think Long meant her to be, to better reveal her true self through her relationship with Ian, but it makes it hard to sympathize with her in the beginning. 4 stars.      


What a great and wonderful book! Ok, maybe I’m a bit emotionally vulnerable due to evacuating ahead of Hurricane Florence. I’m under a lot of stress right now! And maybe this emotional vulnerability left me ripe and ready for a romance novel to play on my heartstrings. But I don’t care! The Governess Game was great and you should read it!

It’s perfectly delightful in the way of the best romance novels. Funny and also poignant, light-hearted and also deeply emotional. The book is really about how we build our hopes and desires, and how we see ourselves and our worthiness to achieve those hopes and desires. It’s heavy stuff wrapped up in fluffy bow of will-they-won’t-they tension, stolen kisses, clandestine meetings, and overwhelming desire.

Listen, just read it already. It’s a freakin’ delight. 5 stars.

Jackie Ashenden’s Make it Hurt is aptly titled…

Jackie Ashenden’s Make it Hurt is aptly titled. It hurt so much, I actually stopped reading right in the middle and didn’t come back to it for a few months. But I’m glad I did.

Nora Sutcliffe is a bounty hunter bad ass. Unfortunately, her next target brings her up close and personal to Smith, current MC president and former boyfriend/lover. Smith has never forgiven Nora for the wrong she did him back in the day and now that he’s got something Nora wants, he’s going to get his revenge– the sexy way, of course. 

So Smith has a huge chip on his shoulder, a burning grudge he’s been holding for years and years. And he doesn’t hold back from confronting Nora with all of his anger and grief. It’s hard and mean and rough. So rough, I walked away from the book, thinking there was no way the two characters could get to a happy ending.

But something about the book called me back. Maybe it was Nora’s mix of vulnerability and hardness. Maybe it was the passion and need underneath Smith’s anger. They had chemistry and it was delightful to read about. Ashenden injected a lot of angst into the story, but it never felt overwrought or contrived. Even though there was a lot of shit to work through, and a lot of anger and denial for both characters, I enjoyed reading as they fought against each other and for each other. 4 stars. 

I started writing this review before I even fi…

I started writing this review before I even finished When Katie Met Cassidy, that’s how many feelings I had. I was very excited to read it, as it has recently garnered a lot of attention and praise. 

Very early on, I thought to myself, this feels like a book written for straight people. The narrative gaze looks at these two women and their relationship. It never feels inclusive, it feels introductory– like, here! Meet a lesbian! She wears pants. Can you believe it?

Cassidy is an amalgamation of stereotypes. She’s butch. She’s a womanizer. She’s a career-driven New York lawyer. She drinks too much, works out too hard, sleeps with too many women. And she’s emotionally stunted, unable or unwilling to forge relationships with people. It’s a paper thin characterization that never really gets off the ground.

Katie is almost offensively straight. Her inner voice is so black and white– male/female, straight/gay, butch/femme, and above all, good/bad. I would assume a woman who suddenly developed feelings for another woman would have a lot of conflict. But here’s Katie the 84% mark– well into her relationship with Cassidy. 

“Could she honestly be offended by anyone assuming she was straight? Did she really want to read as gay?” [Loc 2195]

Well, now I’m offended. I’m offended that Katie never once considers bisexuality. The word is literally not in this book. I’m offended that Katie routinely and aggressively diminishes and dismisses gay people while at the same time singling Cassidy out as this one exception she happens to fall in love with. It’s shitty to all the rest of the lesbians and bisexuals and women who love women out there.

With all the press and attention garnered, it feels like this book is being rewarded for being a lesbian book in a straight world, for being literary fiction and not genre. All of this completely ignoring the fact that there is a whole galaxy of queer and lesbian press out there publishing wlw romance novels and romantic fiction. 2 stars. 

books-on-a-wire: Just One More Page BPC: Augus…


Just One More Page BPC: August 14 – Overrated Book
I’m hopeful that one of these will finally make me a fan. I have tried multiple of her series and nothing has left me blown away *ducks* I’m in the minority, I know. 

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I have read so much Kristen Ashley and I hate/love her. I hate to love her. I love to hate her. I keep going back and reading more! Her heroes are often jerks who never redeem themselves. Her writing style is ~unique~. Many of her series are repetitive (Rock Chick, I’m looking at you). So don’t worry, I think she is a very divisive writer.

So your CEO father is sending a PR expert to “…

So your CEO father is sending a PR expert to “review” your company, except your father is kind of a scumbag out to get you so this all reeks of a set up. You just happen to catch the eye of a sexy brunette at the bar and you find yourself having one incredible, no strings, anonymous hookup the night before the PR dude is coming to ruin everything. Then you go to work the next day and the PR guy shows up except he is a SHE and YOU SLEPT WITH HER LAST NIGHT.

Whoa, guys, how much fun is that intro? The characters meet, have wicked amazing sex, then discover they have to work together, juggling private agendas and personal desires and insecurities the whole time. And you know what is even better? Both the hero and the heroine were competent and good at their jobs even while feeling the sexy, sexy attraction. They both had issues and problems to overcome, both external and internal. It wasn’t just some billionaire hunk ordering the weak heroine to get over herself in the name of luurve– both had compelling issues to overcome. The emotional journey to a happy ending was just as satisfying as the sexual one. 4 stars. 

There's a kindle unlimited offer going up…

There's a kindle unlimited offer going up and I was wondering if it's worth it 🙂 do you or any of your followers per chance know any good romance on kindle unlimited? 🙂

@bemyrobin – Let me put it to my readers! I don’t have KU so I don’t know.

Anybody able to give some feedback about KU and it’s value to romance readers?

There's a kindle unlimited offer going up…

There's a kindle unlimited offer going up and I was wondering if it's worth it 🙂 do you or any of your followers per chance know any good romance on kindle unlimited? 🙂

@bemyrobin – Let me put it to my readers! I don’t have KU so I don’t know.

Anybody able to give some feedback about KU and it’s value to romance readers?




I read a post that used the word “trashy” SEVEN times while being complimentary about romance novels.

Sometimes I just get so tired of all of it.

It’s okay to like romance

Really. You don’t have to couch your appreciation for a genre by assuring everyone every other word that you aren’t like *those women* who read *those books*

The internalized misogyny is so fucking strong.