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What’s everyone reading this weekend?

I’m hoping to finish The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. It’s been slow going (I think I’ve been picking away at it for two months now). It’s a little light on plot and we all know how much I love plot. But the reviews say it picks up in the second half so fingers crossed.

I’m finishing my re-read of the Kate Daniels series. And then I’m gonna go big for Pride with a bunch of queer romances like Lucy Lennox’s Wilde Fire (firefighter boyfriends!) and Jae’s Falling Hard (opposites attract with forced proximity!).




One Sentence Summary:

She’s his BFF’s fireball sister-in-law, & he’s a shy, virgin, Football player with a big ol’ crush.

Name That Trope:

  1. He Loves Her But She’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ About Him
  2. Bearded, Man-Bun-Having Jason Momoa hero + Outspoken Tinkerbell heroine
  3. Temporary houseguests = forced proximity
  4. Long distance relationship FEEEEEEEELINGS!
  5. Heroine with an identity crisis

What part made you fangirl squeal:

  • When our hero Dex worked his infant-magic and, among other things, wore a chest babysling to carry his nephew?!?!?! My ass went Fangirl 9000 over this baby-whisperer gender role reversal!
  • When Fiona fucking OWNED her backstabbing co-worker. I’m so here for women standing up to toxic women.
  • Literally every single time our man was putty at Fiona’s feet; HE WAS HER SEXY HAPPY-PUPPY!
  • The fact that we got a black! gay! football player! When our straight hero shared playful, flirty banter with him because Dex’s masculinity isn’t toxic, fragile, OR homophobic!? I lived.
  • How immediately after the One And Only Time hero-hottie majorly fucked up, he owns his fuck up with a genuine, real-ass apology!

Favorite Character:


Fiona: Diminutive in size, big in personality! Voices her thirst and her thoughts whenever she feels like it! Is bold! Has Issues™ and opinions! Kicks creative ass!

Dex: Big in size, quiet in personality! Has secret lust and keeps his thoughts to himself! Is restrained! Has Feelings ™ and thirst! Is a secret photorealist painter! 

How smexy was the smex?

EXPLODES OVARIES! COMES FOR YOUR LUST! IS HOT!!!! Seriously, this book does it all.

There’s everything from 1st-kiss-turned-public-dry-hump-fun [followed by Dex shutting down Fuck Boys], to a fingerbang session [followed by Dex grinding his horniness against the counter while fixing Fiona breakfast in post-orgasmic bed], to dirty talk, to outdoor beard-on-titty action!

Also did I mention Mr Sensitive Soul Dex has two Frenum piercings?!?! A BITCH WASN’T READY!

Whose Line Is It Anyway:

”Some guys are alpha dogs, snarling and snapping. Dex is more like a silverback gorilla, quietly going about his business until something pisses him off and he gives a warning.”


Dex: God, I love the way you smell.

Fiona: And how do I smell?

Dex: Like happy dreams and well-fucked woman.


“Life is like some messed-up game of Boggle, it shakes us all up and we land where we fall.”


Fiona: I’m just not used to waving my own flag about stuff like that.

Dex: You don’t have to wave your own flag anymore, Fi. That’s my job now. My privilege.

Got any bitching to do?

Yeah. The book ended. So rude, what the fuck?!

Visually Depict Yo Book Feels:


Famous last words:

The Game Plan is a book where neither a synopsis nor a review will do the novel justice. A lot of what sells this crackalicious story are either spoilers, or the simplicity of being in Dex and Fiona’s heads.

But! If you like cinnamon bun heroes with a dirty mouth? If you love force-of-nature heroines struggling with life goals? If you enjoy emotionally driven stories that wreck you in the best way?

Well, my awesome fellow human, then you want this book!


For a more in depth, LOL-fest discussion on romance novels, HERE BE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

100% all of this! The Game Plan is one of my favs; a five star read.

A tough exterior hides an ooey gooey marshmall…

A tough exterior hides an ooey gooey marshmallow of a man.

Burn for You by JT Geissinger

The Beast Boudreaux stops by for dinner at Bianca Hardwick’s restaurant, where she just so happens to have developed an entire menu around Boudreaux bourbon. He’s incredibly rude, Bianca doesn’t eat shit for anyone, he threatens to sue, Bianca kicks him out, and lo and behold, they get fake engaged. Well, a lot of stuff happens in between but you get the picture. 

Jackson is a beast on the outside, and a real emotional mess on the inside. He’s crusty and short tempered and quick to snap. He’s damaged by his past and not willing to let anyone in. Until Bianca. She takes him to task for his behavior, sasses him back and let’s him have it when he pushes her too far, and god bless him, he loves it. Because on the inside, Jackson is a teddy bear. He’s a good man. And he can’t help but do right by Bianca, even as he swears and pretends it’s all for show. And Bianca is no slouch, either! She’s tough and funny and devoted to her family and friends. I really loved watching these two characters circle each other and come together. 5 stars.


I just finished a romance novel in which our hero goes to undress our heroine for a little morning nookie and finds her in sexy red lingerie. She says, “I was too tired to take it off last night”

Excuse me, what now? Too tired? Too tired to take off your bra? Unbelievable, totally unrealistic, fake news. Everyone knows the first thing you do when you get home is take. Off. Your. Bra. I don’t care if you climbed to the top of Machu Picchu and back down or you gave birth to and raised 12 children in one day, you’re sick, you’re tired, you died and came back to life, you take off your bra.

Short, sweet, and (almost) totally perfect!

Short, sweet, and (almost) totally perfect!

Second Chance by H. L. Logan

Former wallflower and nerd Claire is now all grown up, with a kid, and a cheating ex. Who does she happen to run into on a play date? Former popular girl/cheerleader turned supermodel Mary. And the sparks? They fly!

This is a quick, adorable read that I totally fell in love with. Clare is hurt, damaged by her past and her breakup with her ex. She doesn’t trust and she doesn’t want to fall in love, maybe even doesn’t think she is worthy of love. And Mary is just figuring out a whole new life for herself and her kid. So, these two have great chemistry but so many doubts and fears to overcome. Plus, Clare is canonically bisexual– she actually uses the word “bisexual” to describe herself. Yay! Representation! Sure, there are some typos and that’s annoying, but I got pretty caught up in the story and was able to overlook the editing issues.

It made me laugh, made me cry, even got me a swooning, and did it all in the space of a single afternoon. 4 stars.

What led me to romance tag



sI was tagged by @seashells-and-bookshelves​. She made me cry a lot and she’s just the actual best please go give her some love. 

If I had to give my romance or romance-adjacent books that led me to romance novels, they would be…

Okay so my journey began so long ago that I’m not quite where to start. I’ve always loved the romantic elements of stories (probably a result of growing up on Disney movies but who knows). It would be hard to pinpoint the exact books, so I’m going to list some that were turning points.

1: The Mystery Kiss by Elaine Harper: I stole it and a few others from my oldest sister Kelli because I was staying the night at her house and I was bored and couldn’t sleep. I was probably about 9ish. These were 80s teen serial romances published by Harlequin, I think. They’re about 150 pages each, and kind of silly. I LOVED them. 

2: The Road to Paradise Island by Victoria Holt: When I was about 12 my aunt dropped off a box of about 50 books she’d gotten for $5 at a garage sale. They were for my mom but I immediately just attacked the box and made off with my loot. Among these were a huge amount of Victoria Holt books (and Phyllis A. Whitney). I was obsessed. I went to the library and checked out every single Victoria Holt they had. If you’re not familiar with these, they’re (non-sexual) gothic romance with all these crazy storylines about revenge and feuds and crazy shit. They’re amazing. 

3: Like No Other by Melanie George: This was my first grown-up romance novel with actual sex scenes, I stole it from my mom’s bathroom when I was about 16. It’s about a girl pickpocket who gets picked up by a member of the aristocracy after she fails to pick his pocket, he realizes she’s a girl and tries to My Fair Lady her but ends up falling for her. It was SUPER unrealistic but really cute and funny in places. 

4: Ravished by Virginia Henley: So this one was another stolen from Kelli, when I was about 17. There is a LOT OF HISTORICAL BACKSTORY to any of VH’s romances and I LOVED that. Who doesn’t like to learn about actual historical events while also having betrothed couple who loathes each other from childhood fall in love? Not me that’s who! All of VH’s romances are like that (well all of the 12 or so that I’ve read anyway). They’re slowburn and let romances develop pretty naturally, and I like that. Also history.

5: Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas: this one is the one I count as my first romance novel. Mostly it’s just my first “modern” romance novel. Kelli  “accidentally-on-purpose” left it behind when she came to visit for my high school graduation. I devoured it. I then moved to Kansas to live with my other sister for a while ( to look for a job and learn to drive and just learn in general to be an adult). There was a Borders within walking distance of my sister’s house (and I had no friends), so I went there and ashamedly bought the next three books in the series. Before these books I hadn’t realized that romances could be so lighthearted and hilarious. I’d been thriving on the drama, but now I felt whole and clean and happy once I’d finished. My fate was sealed. 

It took a long time for me to stop stealing other people’s romance novels and just get up the courage to like what I like and not be ashamed of it. Why should you put down something that brings you genuine enjoyment? I now buy my romance novels at the store and snapchat/ instagram what I’m reading to everyone I know. Also now I have a fallback subject to discuss with Kelli whenever I feel the need for sisterly connection. <3

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Hope @librarianlirael doesn’t mind if I participate in this by first sharing her story?  It’s easier to keep up with the books she named in case I get a chance to read them in the future.  🙂

Anywho, I’m still on hiatus, and not really feeling much better as far as anxiety is concerned.  Actually, I’m up and down so sometimes it seems worse and sometimes it’s better.  But this gives me something to focus on, so thanks for tagging me @librarianlirael 🙂

I know I’ve mentioned this in another post somewhere, but my own journey to being a romance fan goes pretty far back.  I was a preteen, actually, and whenever I went to the grocery store with my mom, I’d always stop by the book section to admire the clincher covers.  I don’t know why, but something about the romantic images intrigued me, and I was curious.  Now, my mom did actually let me buy a book one time, which was Liar’s Promise by Dana Ransom (seriously, check out the link just to take a look at this early 90s clincher cover XD) though I never actually read the book.  Well, there was a few years that passed before I started to skim it, but I never read it cover to cover.

So I don’t consider that book to be what actually hooked me.  Instead, skip ahead a few years later to the bargain book bin at our local dollar store.  Books for a buck!  Most of them romance!  I was a 15 year old browsing these reads and found another with a cover that delighted me (that word might be too strong, but I was again intrigued).  It was called Enchantress by Barbara Benedict, and this was the first one I ever read.

It’s probably not the greatest book, but I recall enjoying it for what it was, and went back to that same bin where I purchased Hunter’s Bride by Jessica Wulf.  I thought this one was much better, and now that I know Orion’s brothers actually got their own books, I kind of want to look them up and see what’s what.

Now, though I was pretty much getting into romance at this point, it wasn’t until the next book I purchased that I really became a fan:  Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood.  I think I read that book two or three times before going to my local library to check out every single book of Garwood’s I could find.  Or I just purchased them from the store at any opportunity.  Ultimately, I ended up owning most of her historicals, and that’s how my own road to romance ended up going.  🙂

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Yay, I was tagged!

My top 5 books that led me to romance:

1. The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

I watched the TV miniseries with my mom sometime in the early 90s, then read the book. I think I was too young to really appreciate the material but I still fell hard for that forbidden/taboo love story.

2. The Blue Sword and the Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinely

Oh what a dreamy pair of romantic stories, hidden in a YA fantasy duology! Dragons, swords, magic? Sure, that’s there. But also great romances, especially the Blue Sword.

3. Warrior’s Woman by Joanna Lindsey

This is the first true romance novel I ever read and it’s… problematic, to say the least. Space barbarians, snarky AIs, and

non consensual sexual encounters. So over the top, not always in a good way. As a pre-teen reader, I was by turns horrified and titillated.

4. The Duchess by Jude Devereaux

The first romantic romance novel I ever read. In retrospect, has some issues with Orientalism. But the sweet love story between grumpy Trevelyan and plucky Claire had me swooning. Plus, bonus points for Scottish setting. 

5. The Lonely Hearts Club by Radclyffe

One of the first lesbian romances I ever read. And Radclyffe writes great romance! A high-powered surgeon and a pregnant, high-powered attorney fall in love. 

I tag anyone who is interested! Maybe @nolanbeingnolan, @bookgeekgrrl and @thecrankyagnes?? No pressure!

Do you know any good romances/erotica&rsquo;s …

Do you know any good romances/erotica’s on kindle unlimited?

Sadly, I don’t have Kindle Unlimited.  I can tell you that the selection on Prime Reading sucks.

However, @mfred is a Kindle Unlimited person I believe and might have some faves. 

Anyone else?

What a fun, gorgeous, sexy little book!From Sc…

What a fun, gorgeous, sexy little book!

From Scratch by Katrina Jackson

This is a book about finding your happiness, whether that’s in a new career or a threeway with the Sheriff and the Fire Chief. You do you.

From the book description:

Mary Woods, stinging from her life as a failed academic, takes the opportunity by the reins and resettles in Sea Port to try her hand as a small town baker. A few days before the opening of her shop, Confections by Mary, she runs into small town cop, Miguel Santos, and small town fire chief, Billy Knox and there’s a whole lot of chemistry to go around.

What I loved was that this gem of a book was so open and welcoming. Characters blossomed – into their new professions, into small town life, and into their queerness. And they accepted each other and themselves! There was a little angst, but mostly it was about the discovery of their shared passion and romance. It’s all fun and good and just made me happy.  Ok, so the ending was a bit– maybe a little– just a smidge– sappy and overly optimistic about acceptance of queer lifestyles in small southern towns, but by that point I didn’t care. I got the best of happy endings and I enjoyed it. 


The author has misspelled it twice now as the “psyche ward” and you know what? That sounds kinda nice. A hospital for your soul. I’d go there.


No good, evil chairs

I’m reading a sci fi romance where the bad aliens are called Atronox but in my head, I keep reading it as Adirondack.