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Got my blind date with a book from The Ripped Bodice! It’s Robyn Carr!

Getting presents in the mail is the best.

My blind date with a book arrived from Love’s Sweet Arrow! Anyone read this one?


Charge (Steel Bones MC #1) 

Kayla is struggling to survive as a single mom and everyone is waiting for her to fail except for her trusty best friend Sue. Charge is just a hot complication from next door. Responsible single mothers don’t need men with buns or tattoos or MCs. Charge has no all the intention to stay far away from the adorable single mother with the peach-shaped booty who lives next door to his Pops – but following through on that is harder than he thought it would be. 

This book is awesome. Start to finish. Just intense and angsty and searingly sweet and honest. Holy moly though – the angst. I literally made @mfred​ promise there would be a HEA. (Which there is.) But boy does Ms Wells make you wait for it. I highly recommend this for people who like an age gap (ten years) motorcycle readers (start of a series too on KU!) and for anyone who just likes to suffer for the sweet. BONUS – there is an awesome moment in the middle of the fight where the hero calls himself a Hufflepuff and his lady a Gryffindor. And it is adorable. 

One of my all time favorite MC romances! And yes, I promise there is an HEA!

Jackie Lau’s Ultimate Pi Day Party is currently free on Amazon! 

(as of 3/6/2020)

Hello! I’m new to the Christine Feehan readership. I’m just wondering in Torpedo Inks series do we ever get more characterization or are most of her books less detail orientated? Granted I’m 2/3 done with Vendetta Road but, it’s a-lot of repetitive statements that evolve gradually but no new information appears. I can Soleil building trust wi TV Ice but we don’t know much about anyone else: storm, maestro, savage, and so on.

I’m pretty new to Feehan as well! The only books of hers I have read are the Torpedo Ink series. I suspect that she just kind of hints at the other characters until they star in their own books. FWIW, I thought Vendetta Road was a really weak book– like you said, very repetitive. Hopefully, Maestro, Savage, etc. will get their own books!

More Motorcycle Romance Recommendations!

When @literaryillusions started reading MC romance, I got so exited to share my favorite genre with someone. But I need more than one post to explore all of the books I love. 

Kindle Unlimited MC Romance I Have Loved:

As of February 2020, these were all available on KU.

Cate C. Wells’ Steel Bones Series. Wells is a newbie writer I just discovered on Kindle Unlimited and I love love love the first in this series, Charge. A young, struggling, single mother meets a MC dude who is scared off by her kid but inexplicably drawn to her at the same time. Heartfelt, emotional journey for both the hero and the heroine.

Kati Wilde’s Hellfire Riders Club. Each book is a novella, so they go down super easy. Plus, Wilde’s character Lily is a full member of the club– unheard of in MC romance worlds, and she takes absolutely no shit from anyone. My favorite is Craving it All with a Muslim heroine kidnapped by (and falling in love with) a big, hunky hero hiding a heart of gold. 

Drew Elyse’s Disciple’s Daughters Series (Savage Disciples MC). The books aren’t as dark n’ gritty as some other biker series. The first, second and fifth books were my favs. The third book features mild BDSM.

Jessica Ames’ Lost Saxons Series. More on the gritty side, and lots of angst. Very emotional journey for the heroes and heroines. The setting is in England, which is a nice change from the majority of MC romance. I really liked the second in the series, Safe Rider

Jordan Marie’s Savage Brothers Series. Features an African American hero, president of the MC. The first book, Breaking Dragon, has one of my all time favorite meet cutes. 

Daphne Loveling’s Lords of Carnage Series. This series is a little bit lighter, with less focus on violence and mayhem and more on the relationships. There’s an overarching plot line that runs through all the books, so it helps to read in order. I really liked the third in the series, Brick.

Jeanne St James Dirty Angels Series. The first in the series, Zak, has a great meet cute. He assumes the heroine (a baker delivering a cake) is a stripper sent to help him celebrate his release from prison! Then the hot, sexy times ensue. A real opposites attract story that I enjoyed immensely. 

Other MC Romances to Check Out

I love love love the first in the Knights Rebel series by River Savage, Incandescent. Extreme opposites attract, a lot of headbutting between the alpha hero and the independent, take-no-shit heroine. It’s one of my favorite MC reads. As of Feb 2020, currently free on amazon!

If you like dark, twisted, and gritty, try Tillie Cole’s Hades Hangman series. Be warned: all of the content/trigger warnings. It’s interesting to watch the hero navigate the MC world with his disability. 

Another decent series is Chantal Fernando’s Wind Dragon’s MC series. The heroine in the first book is a real hoot. 

Motorcycle Club Romance

@literaryillusions just started reading some motorcycle club (MC) romance novels and I offered to recommend titles to her. But looking at my Goodreads account, I have read over 300 MC romance books! So I’m going to start off with the best.

The Good of MC Romance:

  • Over the top characters and plots that really engage and entertain.
  • Working class characters, which are otherwise hard to find in romancelandia.
  • Fish out of water and opposites attract stories where the heroine usually has to adapt to the hero’s culture and way of life.
  • Heroines who stand up for themselves, and the alpha heroes who love them for it. There are very few naive ingenues in MC romance. 

The Bad of MC Romance:

  • Too many women-in-danger plots. Too many women victimized and brutalized just to set up the hero as her savior and rescuer.
  • “Dark” romances that sacrifice characterization and believability for atmosphere.
  • Alphaholes. This is really where your personal tolerance of alpha heroes comes into play. You either love them or hate them. 

The Books I Highly Recommend:

Joanna Wylde’s Reapers Motorcycle Club. I consider Wylde the queen of MC romance. She’s suspenseful and gritty without being dark and she is able to put women in danger without making them martyrs to violence in the name of plot. Her books definitely feature alphaholes but the flip of that is her heroines tend to be take-no-shit women. She does have some issues with dubious consent. My favorite is Reaper’s Stand. At one point, the hero has the heroine at knife point!

Kristen Ashley’s Chaos Series. You really have to start with Motorcycle Man, which is part of her Dream Man series and then get into the Chaos books. Not all of them are winners and Ashley is hit or miss as a writer for a lot of people. But Motorcycle Man is one of my favorite all time romances. The hero wham, bam, thank you ma’am’s the heroine in the first chapter.

Laura Kaye’s Raven Riders Series. Good guy bikers, macho but not alphaholes, working as vigilantes and neighborhood protectors. If you are looking to ease into the MC world, Kaye is a great place to start. The first in the series, Ride Rough, features a delicious jaded older hero, coming-into-her-own younger heroine romance. 

Cate C. Wells Steel Bones Series. Wells is a newbie writer I just discovered on Kindle Unlimited and I love love love the first in this series, Charge. A young, struggling, single mother meets a MC dude who is scared off by her kid but inexplicably drawn to her at the same time. Heartfelt, emotional journey for both the hero and the heroine.

Christine Feehan’s Torpedo Ink Series. Totally over the top, in the best, most ridiculous kind of way. Lots and lots of hot sexy times. Former Russian assassins turned MC club, with a dash of mysterious psychic powers. Content warnings for child abuse and violence. 


Anyone know any regency romance novels written by LGBT+ men or non-binary people?

I’m analysing queer regency romances as part of my PhD thesis and already have a bunch written by queer and non-queer women

Fiona the cat sitting behind the book Vendetta Road

Look what came in the mail today! Hint: not the cat. 📚🐈❤️

Lots of delicious tension– at least for the first half. 

Unmasked by the Marquess by Cat Sebastian

Robert Selby knows the only way to save his sister Louisa from destitution is to arrange for a great marriage to someone important (and wealthy). But Selby is actually Charity Church, the onetime housemaid for the Selbys and now conman extraordinaire, so she’s walking a pretty tricky tightrope by bringing Louisa to London. She goes to Alistair, Marquess of Pembroke, for help introducing Louisa to society, knowing that she just needs one chance to make it big. But Alistair is the most rigid, uptight, snobby man in the world– even if he finds his “Robin” devilishly attractive and amazingly lovely. What’s a woman living as a man and a marquess to do? Fall in love, of course!

I found this book mostly delightful, very charming, and even moving, on occasion. The first half, when Robin Selby is laying out her con and maneuvering through society while Alistair fights his attraction to the supposed man is marvelously well done. There’s a lot of sexual and emotional tension between the two, some of it before they discover who the other really is, that is fun to read. Alistair doesn’t object to Robin because she is a man– no, he’s upset because she is so uncouth (yet oddly charming) and low class (yet so beguiling)!

So we have a bisexual marquess and a nonbinary heroine just dying to fall in love with each other, but being held apart by a myraid of circumstances, not the least of which is that the real Robert Selby is dead and his estate is supposed to pass to his cousin. Once the circumstances start to come together to keep the lovers apart, I started to worry. Even knowing this is a romance novel and happy endings are guaranteed, I really spent the middle part of this book thinking there was no possible way for them to get to that happily ever after. Robin could not live as a woman (or explain away the dead Robert Selby without going to jail) and Alistair could not lose his position and power in society by marrying a cross-dressing nobody impersonator. 

The circumstances are impossible! And Robin refuses to hurt Alistair! And Alistair is trapped by his rigidity! And I got a little tired of it and all the self-sacrificing both had to do to keep the other from hurting even a little (even though they totally hurt a lot because they were in love and being kept apart). And then we get to the end, and it’s a magical happy ending! 


Alistair just uses the power of his name to declare Selby dead, Robin his wife, and everyone happy. No one challenges him, not the law, not Robert Selby’s cousin, not society at large for having a wife in men’s clothes who impersonated  a dead man for years! It’s a very magical kind of happy ending that ties up all the lose ends without any consequences for anyone. It’s satisfying on some levels, but also unrealistic. 


Anyway, its a mostly enjoyable book featuring queer representation often missing from mainstream romance and its got some great swoony moments. And a kitten!

4 stars.