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A tree and the porch railing came down! But th…

A tree and the porch railing came down! But the house is ok and we’re fine. A long, rough night with crazy winds and lots of rain. See ya Dorian!


The wind just blew so hard, it shook the whole house.

It’s starting!…

It’s starting!


I’m on an emotional rollercoaster

The power is back but the internet is out. A big band of the storm came through but the actual hurricane still hasn’t really hit us yet! My mom said, “you look tense.” And then she gave me a hug.


And the power just went out.

Tornado warnings at 5:30 AM.https://www.instag…

Tornado warnings at 5:30 AM.

Totally prepped for Dorian https://www.instag…

Totally prepped for Dorian


Dang it, Dorian!

The bread aisle was almost completely empty but there was still plenty of water at the grocery store this morning.

We’re probably going to stay. They haven’t ordered mandatory evacuations for our county yet. By the time Dorian reaches us, it’s predicted to be a Cat 2. We still have a few days to change our minds.

Gonna download a bunch of romance novels from the library! Always be prepared.

EyeBuyDirect is currently having a 30% off len…

EyeBuyDirect is currently having a 30% off lenses sale! (August 2019). So I bought more glasses! In pink!

Things I’ve learned since going lactose/dairy-…

  • There is a difference between lactose-free and dairy-free. You can be lactose-free but still contain dairy proteins. But dairy-free is automatically lactose-free. Confusing!
  • Oat milk is the best not-milk. Tastes great in coffee! Good on cereal!
  • Almond milk is the next best not-milk, but really, give oat milk a try.
  • Kite Hill is the devil. Seriously, the bitter almond tasting, gritty-textured devil.
  • Say goodbye to greek-style yogurts. 
  • Embrace dark chocolate. 
  • Oreos are your friends (that you eat). 
  • NadaMoo! ice cream has the creamiest texture but the mix-ins/toppings are only okay. Ben & Jerry’s has the best mix-ins. 
  • Donuts are not dairy-free. This is a hard lesson to learn.
  • Daiya has the best ranch dressing that I have found. And they have mac & cheese in a box!
  • Always, always check the label. Even for granola bars! Even for bread!