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I started on tumblr ten years ago in March 2009. One of my first posts was a book review. So, at least I am consistent. 

I made my avatar on the Mad Men avatar creator that came out in July 2009. I never even watched Mad Men. I just liked the style. And I used to smoke, so the profile pic fit. 

I smoked from 16 to about 35ish. I don’t have an anniversary of quitting, as I didn’t really quit on a specific day or even year. I started trying to quit in my early 30s. I smoked, then I tried to stop, then I picked it up again, then I quit again, and so on, until it finally stuck. 

I’m 39 in less than a month, single and childless, highly educated and gainfully employed. Sometimes, I’m this way because I chose it, and sometimes, I’m this way because life is weird and takes it’s own trajectory, regardless of your intentions. Am I in a rut or am I on a particularly rutted path?

The ten year anniversary gift is tin or aluminum, which seems fitting, for ten years on tumblr. 


I picked the free no-rush shipping from Amazon so I could get that sweet, sweet dollar for my digital book buys but now I have to wait like a week for my packages…


I’m not almost 40. I’m almost 39. But it feels so close, like I could just skip 39 entirely.




Here is what I said I would do in 2016:

Ok for real, get these 401Ks handled. 2016 is my year!
And yes, it sucks, but clean out my closets.
See a play. Go to a theater.
Read a m/m romance.
Go to the FDR memorial, finally

Here is what I actually accomplished:

  • Uh, 401Ks still a mess.
  • Not only cleaned out my closets, but my whole damn apartment! And then I moved!
  • Did not see a play. Saw a lot of movies.
  • Read a couple of m/m romances, thanks to @bookgeekgrrl‘s recommendations.
  • Never went to the FDR memorial. Never went to any memorial, actually. Did go to a museum or two tho.

So… 2 out of 5. That’s kind of lame. But I did a lot of other shit with 2016! I got a new job, moved to a whole new state, read 200+ books, and watched Stranger Things, twice. I mean, good riddance to a shit year, but at least a few things went my way.

What should I do with 2017? Hmm..

  • Go on three dates. Gotta make friends and be social in my new home.
  • Submit my lesbian romance novel to a publisher.
  • When the weather gets good, go swimming once a month!
  • Finish my tattoo
  • Read at least one book a month written by or starring a person of color

Here is what I accomplished in 2017:

  • Went on 0 dates. Had one friend date with colleagues from work. Yeah, I suck at this socializing thing. 
  • Hahaha, submitting my book would mean finishing it and instead I decided to re-write the whole thing for Nanowrimo. Now I’m reconsidering the ending. But not actually writing it.
  • I actually went to the beach! Not every month, but at least 3-4 times over the Spring and Summer!
  • Tattoo finished! No, you can’t see it!
  • I did not keep to the one book a month rule. Some months I read many books, others I read none. Altogether, this year I read about 30 books with a POC character/author, according to Goodreads.

2018 Goals:

  • Read one lesfic/wlw book a month.
  • Read 5 nonfiction books this year.
  • Go on 3 friend dates. 
  • See 6 movies in the theater or try 6 new restaurants.
  • If my novel is rejected by a publisher, start a new one!

Accomplished in 2018:

  • I read 5 lesfic/wlw books this year. Which is better than 0 but very poor for a goal of 1 a month.
  • Read 16 nonfiction books or memoirs this year. Go me!
  • Went on 4 friend dates, if you count 2 lunches with co-workers.They were very friendly lunches! 
    • Then, I had 2 dates with a woman from OKCupid who asked me, on the second date, where I saw our relationship going.
  • I think I saw 3-4 new movies and ate in 3-4 new restaurants. Not too shabby.
  • I never submitted my novel to a publisher. I got real gun-shy about the whole thing and decided I needed to re-write the ending but never applied myself to actually do it. I did start two new novels, but haven’t finished either. Ah writing. It’s so fun and I hate it.

2019 Goals:

  • Go to a yoga class.
  • Do aerobic exercise 4 times a month.
  • Be social. Meet friends outside of work 3 times.
  • Get off the island more. Go to the arts center, the Korean restaurant and/or dinner theater.
  • Read more non-romantic fiction. At least 12 books from other genres.


Happy new year, Tumblr! Two out of three cats are in bed with me, ready to snooze through the beginning of 2019.


Which is bigger?


My mom got me a giant chocolate bar for Xmas! It’s as big as my hand and weighs a ton! Sugar coma here I come!


The last few hours in the office, the day before vacation starts. This day is never going to end. Time has literally slowed to a snail’s pace. I will die of old age before 5pm rolls around. 

What this head cold feels like

I have been blowing my nose so hard and for so long. I will be blowing my nose well into my fifties. I will blow my nose in the grave. 


I dreamed about kissing Venom last night. I have not seen the movie. I’ve never even seen a preview of the movie. Just posts on tumblr.