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I cut my hair pretty short and can’t put it in a pony tail anymore. I needed something to hold my hair back when I wash my face. Yeah, I could just use a clip or a couple of barrettes but why be sensible when I can be this extra?

I’m trying to be jokey about it, but having that person go off on me for blocking them is fucking stressful. They went out of their way to find me on facebook, and when I blocked them again, created a second account to yell at me some more! Who the fuck does that? And why am I all twisted up about it? Internet dating is obviously one of the circles of hell. 

Basically, I had to block this person on OkCupid and Facebook but then they went and sorta complimented me while trying to put me down. I look like a witch? Awww, thanks! Now leave me alone forever.

Got those pink sparkle glasses!

I’ve gone hat crazy.

I made a hat!

Just to be clear, I tried getting the wireless connection set up on our printer for A WHOLE HOUR. I reset, turned off, unplugged, rekeyed, and more, for AN HOUR. It’s now wired directly to the router. Fuck wifi.

Those gold glitter glasses I found on Zenni are out of stock (for weeks now!). Should I get pink glitter instead????

I’ve been struggling to figure out resolutions this year. I know I need to be more social, and get out of the house more, but past resolutions to go out & make friends haven’t actually helped me accomplish much of anything. And I am very much against guilty feelings from broken resolutions. Let’s make celebration a resolution! Since reading is my one true love, I’m resolving to make 2020 a book oriented year of celebration.  

  1. Read one book from my To Be Read pile (digital or physical) a month. Get that TBR pile under control!
  2. Read six books by WOC or QPOC authors. Spend my money/time supporting diverse voices.
  3. Read three non-fiction books. This one will be a real challenge, because I get bored with non-fiction very easily.
  4. And the most important: Celebrate! Specifically, celebrate turning 40 this year. Do something big! Go abroad, throw a big party, etc. 


A late harvest Riesling and the Alamo Bowl.


NYE Homebody Check-In

A nice bottle of a tart cherry dubbel, the avs/jets game on the tv, a pizza sub waiting for me when I get hungry, nebulous plans to either watch Letterkenny or play a video game when the game is done.

Just got home from dinner. Watching CNN, gonna read a romance novel in a minute.