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It’s my birthday! I’m a dusty old spinster lesbrarian with too many opinions and three cats. I read too much and I definitely eat too many sweets but since I’m a grown ass woman paying my own way in life, I get to do what I want. More cake!


No good, evil chairs

I’m reading a sci fi romance where the bad aliens are called Atronox but in my head, I keep reading it as Adirondack.

This kitten likes to chew on fingers.

This kitten likes to chew on fingers.


Some guy just called me saying he was from Google Maps and we went through the library’s hours and address and verified them together. Then he thanked me and hung up. Either I did just really get a call from Google or someone is really committed to that prank.


My check engine light started flashing and then the car wouldn’t accelerate and then I realized I was in a shit load of trouble so I veered into the right lane right in front of another car and then rolled into the parking lot of a Rite Aid. Then I called my mom. And then I called AAA. But I didn’t cry.

Are you the type to spot the glass of wine or …

Are you the type to spot the glass of wine or the rainbow first? I definitely went wine.

I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to …

I’ve been listening to Amazon Music’s 50 Great Alternative 90′s Songs on and off all week and it’s been the greatest. Songs I hated as a teenager:

  • Lightening Crashes: Ugh, so dramatic. Placentas falling and angels opening eyes!
  • Wonderwall: C’mon oasis sucked, pulp was everything.

have me dancing in my chair. Songs I loved have me practically belting out the lyrics for the whole library to hear. 

Everything is the 90′s and nothing hurts because we’re all wearing baby tees and flannel and our JNCOs and nothing can touch us. 

This new-to-me flavor showed up at my local gr…

This new-to-me flavor showed up at my local grocery store. Wow! So refreshing! Life is wonderful.



Here is what I said I would do in 2016:

Ok for real, get these 401Ks handled. 2016 is my year!
And yes, it sucks, but clean out my closets.
See a play. Go to a theater.
Read a m/m romance.
Go to the FDR memorial, finally

Here is what I actually accomplished:

  • Uh, 401Ks still a mess.
  • Not only cleaned out my closets, but my whole damn apartment! And then I moved!
  • Did not see a play. Saw a lot of movies.
  • Read a couple of m/m romances, thanks to @bookgeekgrrl‘s recommendations.
  • Never went to the FDR memorial. Never went to any memorial, actually. Did go to a museum or two tho.

So… 2 out of 5. That’s kind of lame. But I did a lot of other shit with 2016! I got a new job, moved to a whole new state, read 200+ books, and watched Stranger Things, twice. I mean, good riddance to a shit year, but at least a few things went my way.

What should I do with 2017? Hmm..

  • Go on three dates. Gotta make friends and be social in my new home.
  • Submit my lesbian romance novel to a publisher.
  • When the weather gets good, go swimming once a month!
  • Finish my tattoo
  • Read at least one book a month written by or starring a person of color

Here is what I accomplished in 2017:

  • Went on 0 dates. Had one friend date with colleagues from work. Yeah, I suck at this socializing thing. 
  • Hahaha, submitting my book would mean finishing it and instead I decided to re-write the whole thing for Nanowrimo. Now I’m reconsidering the ending. But not actually writing it.
  • I actually went to the beach! Not every month, but at least 3-4 times over the Spring and Summer!
  • Tattoo finished! No, you can’t see it!
  • I did not keep to the one book a month rule. Some months I read many books, others I read none. Altogether, this year I read about 30 books with a POC character/author, according to Goodreads.

2018 Goals:

  • Read one lesfic/wlw book a month.
  • Read 5 nonfiction books this year.
  • Go on 3 friend dates. 
  • See 6 movies in the theater or try 6 new restaurants.
  • If my novel is rejected by a publisher, start a new one!

The Year in Books

I read 379 books this year. Jesus Christ. I didn’t mean to read so many books. I kinda just stopped doing other things, like watching Netflix or going outside. So, how did I read so many books? I dunno. Reading is my escape, my reward, my comfort and my solace.

Only 1 book got 1 star. I really disliked that book.

17 books were 5 star reads:

Sigh. It’s just too hard to pick one. You should read all of them.


2017 is the year I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, which helps explain how I got my grubby little hands on so many books.

I added the following categories to my goodreads shelves:

  • romance-contemporary
  • romance-holiday
  • romance-mc (motorcycle club)
  • romance-menage
  • romance-scifi

So, as you can see, I codified my love affair with MC romance. I opened my cold, frozen heart up to the wonder of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday romances. I figured out there is a lot of MFM menage romance and not enough MMF (and almost zero FFM). And also, I feel head over heels for lumberjack werebears and blue aliens living on ice planets. 

And, mostly importantly, I met my goal and reviewed (almost) every book I read– sometimes the review was just a list of titles and stars, and sometimes I wrote actual words. But still! I did it! 379 books! PHEW.