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Lez-be spooky


It’s the perfect time of year for thrills, chills, and things that go bump in the night. Let’s get to reading!

I went a-googling and here are some lists of halloween and horror themed books, in absolutely no particular order

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sansasttvrk:I’m about to go looking on my own, but I figured I’d ask here: does anyone have any…


I’m about to go looking on my own, but I figured I’d ask here: does anyone have any recommendations for wlw romances, preferably a historical romance? It doesn’t have to be, and I’ll pretty much read any genre with different age groups in mind (YA, new adult, adult), but that’s what I’m mostly after at this time. Thanks in advance!

I don’t read historicals really, but here are some of my recent fav wlws

  • Storm Season by Pene Henson. Trapped in the Australian wilderness together!  My review.
  • Ex-Wives of Dracula by Georgette Kaplan– if you are at all looking for something spooky for the season? My review.
  • Bridget Essex’s fantasy romance featuring lady knights and werewolves. My review.
  • Slow Burn in Tuscany by Giselle Fox. Like a wlw Under the Tuscan Sun. My review

Here’s a Goodread’s list for Lesbian Historical Fiction.

Here’s the Lesbrary’s Historical Fiction tag archive.

If you find something good, tell me about it!

fuckyeahlesbianliterature: bibliosapphic: Romance tropes in…



Romance tropes in Sapphic books! I posted a little rec list for people who like to read specific romance tropes. Do you have more recs or tropes not mentioned here? Let me know!

[image description: a graphic reading 1 Trope = 1 Book]

tropes for queer women romance!

(via Autographed Lesfic Books Powered by Indie) LESFIC…

(via Autographed Lesfic Books Powered by Indie)


30 Authors. 43 Autographed Books. 3 Lucky Winners! #EpicLesficWin

Bosom Friends: The Gay Anne of Green Gables Scandal

Bosom Friends: The Gay Anne of Green Gables Scandal:



I mean, if you’ve seen the movie or read the book she’s really bi.

L.M Montgomery may not be here to officially canon this, but I am her great, great niece (no joke, it’s true, my grandfather is mentioned in her diaries as a ‘spoiled little brat’) and I’m here to confirm that Anne Shirley is totally bi. Just doing my part for the family legacy.